Choosing The Right Garage Door For Your Need

Anyone who needs to replace an old, worn-out garage door may be wondering about which style would be best to put in its place. There are many different types of garage door on the market, with different opening mechanisms, colours and made of different materials, and there are many factors to consider when making a decision.


It is important to choose a material for garage doors that is suited to the environment that the home is located in. If, for example, a property is by the sea, an aluminium door would be a sensible choice as it will not easily rust in an environment with salty air.


Kerb appeal has never been more important, so it is vital to choose a garage door that blends well with the rest of the property and looks great. Wooden garage doors are beautiful but are high maintenance, so for homeowners who lack time and motivation to spend a lot of time improving the appearance of their doors, a steel door may be a better choice. Choosing a door in the same colour as the house’s window frames and front door is an attractive touch. There is more information about the different materials used in the manufacture of garage doors on this website.

Opening Mechanism

It is important to consider how a garage door is opened in conjunction with the space available and the lifestyle of the family using the garage. If the family car is very wide or high, an up and over style may not be appropriate as the opening mechanism may extend into the opening cavity preventing vehicle access. A side-hinged set of doors may be ideal for families that need a wide access space and convenient access from the front of the property, perhaps for bicycles or outdoor bins, however they are no good for homes that have restricted space to the side of the doors. There are numerous types of garage door opening mechanisms available on the market today, including rollers, canopies and sectional doors and more information about these different varieties can be found here.