Garage storage solutions – three handy tips

Stock and shelve

The main problem with garage space is it tends to end up cluttered with objects that are only used periodically. Tools, camping gear, ladders, DIY equipment and other domestic sundries are often relegated to the garage to make more space in the home. Unfortunately it can become frustrating when trying to find something that gets lost in the hoard. There’s a variety of ways to utilize every inch of that space to maximum effect and the first rule of thumb is to get everything off the ground. Built-in units, while expensive are ideal for opening up floor space, but simple stacking shelves do the job just as well. Most hardware stores sell shelving specifically designed for slim-lining purposes.

Make use of the walls

Garage slat walls (or pegboards) are easy to assemble and are perfect for hanging the heavy as well as the awkward. Garden furniture, bicycles and gym equipment take up lots of unnecessary space due to their bulky nature. There are different hooks and hangers that can be attached to the wall and storage boxes or drawers can also be added on. Most DIY stores sell a variety of plastic and cardboard boxes that can be labelled and stacked upon each other. Smaller versions like the fitted hook track can take care of oblong items like rakes, shovels and other miscellaneous tools. It’s the length of these objects that tend to take up room and their cumbersome dimensions make them difficult to store.

Make use of the ceiling

Ceiling storage units are designed to hold everything from weighty sporting equipment to extended ladders. Sliding rails (tracking systems) are an excellent way to get your gear off the ground. A few well-placed plastic bins along the ceiling makes room for the household items that are used on a more regular basis. Another way to avoid tripping over clutter, is to hang large scale, lengthy articles from ropes and tethers. These hoisting aids are inexpensive and also ensure the safety of valuable pieces; kayaks, motorbikes skiing boards etc. Suspension storage solutions guarantee easy access to the everyday items that get buried beneath the deluge.


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