How To Take Care Of Your Garage Door

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping any garage door in top condition. Without regular checks, a garage door may develop problems such as rust or issues with the opening mechanism. Here are some of the top routine maintenance tasks to carry out on any garage door to keep it functioning perfectly.

Regular Checks For Damage

Checking a wooden garage door regularly for warping, peeling paint or water damage is important for keeping it in top condition. The sooner these problems are spotted and rectified, the less likely the door is to suffer from long-term damage. Steel doors that have developed rust patches should be sanded and repainted to prevent the rust from spreading and causing structural damage.

Checking For Debris

It is important to regularly check the operating tracks of garage doors to make sure that they are clear of any obstructions and debris that may impede smooth opening of the doors. Any blockages may cause damage to the opening mechanism.


Without proper and regular lubrication to all moving parts, garage doors may seize up and fail to open correctly or easily. A simple spray lubricant applied every six months on the overhead springs should keep everything in perfect working condition.

Check The Weatherstripping

Checking to make sure that the weather seal strip at the bottom of the garage door is intact and undamaged is key to preventing damp and rain from entering the home. Any signs of cracking or damage mean that the weather seal strip should be removed and a replacement installed.

Tightening Bolts And Brackets

Garage doors see a lot of service and have to open and close thousands of times every year. All that movement can cause vibrations that loosen the bolts and brackets that are holding the door in place. To ensure that the door remains safe to use, all hardware should be regularly checked for tightness, and if necessarily tightened up with a socket wrench.

Listen For Unusual Noises

When operating automatic garage doors, it is important to regularly listen out for any unusual sounds as this may indicate a problem with the operating system. Any grinding or scraping sounds should be taken as a sign that a professional needs to be consulted to check the system out.

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