How to turn a garage into a useful space

A garage should be a functional room. It can be adapted for many uses but the key to a great garage is to utilise the space as much as possible. They may have been built originally to house a vehicle but many people use them as something else besides parking a car. How a garage is decorated will depend on how it is intended to be used.

The DIYer’s Garage

Many people see that hallowed space as a great shed/workshop area. In which case, the place needs to be well kitted out. In order to work on projects, lighting needs to be good, so as well as ensuring the electrics are up to scratch, it’s a good idea to consider the wall decor. Keep the walls as light as possible, whether they’re plastered and painted or just whitewashed brick. Flooring should be durable and easily cleaned. Most serious handymen are going to know their way around a DIY shop and there’s so much choice when it comes to furnishing a workshop. Screwfix has a great selection of workshop equipment, including storage units, workbenches, tool boxes. Wall hanging tool storage is ideal, not only does it save space but it also means that the most often used tools are right to hand instead of rooting around in boxes and drawers. For a little home comfort, consider setting up a little refreshment area with a kettle and mini fridge for that all important cup of builder’s brew!

The Hoarder’s Garage

Just go to IKEA and get as many shelves and storage units as possible. There’s no helping hoarders, once the garage is full they’ll just have to buy a shed and more shelves.

The Hideaway’s Garage

This is where the fun comes in. The Hideaway is the put-upon husband, the sulky teenager, the musician who wants to give their band a studio. The garage becomes a den. The walls should be painted a dark, brooding colour to emphasise the need to cocoon away. The Hideaway’s Garage definitely needs a refreshment area and a mini fridge is a must and a sofa is needed to doss on. Some good garage games to are a dart-board and a pool table. If space is tight, consider a plain table and invest in a tabletop games set, which contains all that is needed to set up table tennis, football, hockey, etc. If the electrics are set up in the garage, devote one end to the wonders of television with DVDs and a games console.


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